Healing the Collective

Meet Megan Knowles Intuitive Creative and Angel Card Reader

Megan Knowles
is an Intuitive Creative

with a desire to enrich and beautify the lives of others, from the inside out. She is an empath and a light worker, and believes it is her purpose to help heal the collective. For as long as she can remember, she has always been creative and has always felt a strong connection to nature and Mother Earth.

Imagine Yourself Experiencing

Peace & Tranquility

Connecting with the gentle energy of the Angels, whose intention is to bring forth messages for your higher and greater good, we are immersed in peace and tranquility. This experience allows you to feel held, loved and supported.

Healing, Insight & Clarity

Tapping into this Angelic energy and allowing yourself a moment of stillness, often connecting the dots between past, present and future, many people experience at least a few "aha" moments during our time together.

Renewed Perspective & Transformation

Often my clients leave with a renewed perception about the way things are, versus how they have been perceiving them. With a more loved and supported outlook, my clients are often seeking further healing and transformation.

A safe space to explore

your inner knowing, gain clarity and profound insight on any topic while grounding yourself into the energy of the Angel Realm.

Like being transported to another time space reality. I found myself so entranced and relaxed during our time together 💞✨


Megan intends to fulfill her heart's desire and purpose with unique offerings that

infuse the spiritual world into tangible items, creating powerful recalibration tools. Utilizing her intuition and the energy of the Angel realm, Megan channels messages of love and light, conveying messages for your higher and greater good. Intended to help you as you seek clarity and insight on any topic, Megan holds space for you to explore your soul’s inner knowing and dig deeper into the profound insight that already exists within you.

Megan Knowles playing singing bowl
Intuitive Readings by Megan Knowles

Recharge with Angels

As an empathetic individual, I often FEEL the energies of others, especially when the energy is carrying a strong vibration. The collective energy as of late has been heavy and intense...

Black Heart drop earrings by Megan Knowles

Recalibration with Jewelry

Exploring jewelry as a recalibration tool, my pieces are filled with loving intention and thoughtfully designed to enrich your lives from the inside out! Designed with your authenticity and versatility in mind...

Sage and Shell healing tools

Healing through Covid

Since Covid hit, I’ve been through a myriad of emotions, like most of us, I’m sure. Things like - “I’m a homebody, I’ll be fine” to “I need a hug from someone other than Ryan or I’m going to lose my mind” and everything in between...

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