About Megan Knowles

Megan looking back and smiling, spreading joy and love

Having lost her dad at a young age, and having had several psychic dreams about his passing, she started to see there were connections from this realm to another.

Several experiences led Megan to believe there was more than meets the eye with what she’d seen so far in her human experience. She began to notice seeming coincidences, sense energies and develop feelings and a knowing about things before it humanly made sense.

Later in life, recalling some of her earliest memories, Megan realized these gifts had long been forgotten, hidden from the world in fear of being an outcast, but even more than that she realized these gifts had always been within her. During an intuitive reading with a beloved Angel Card reader herself, Megan began to uncover parts of her past that had been holding her back and began to discover her truth. After a few more readings, Megan truly felt a connection to this gift and began reading cards in 2016. Since then, Megan has practiced and honed in on her gifts, and began reading for clients in the fall of 2017.

Megan believes that we are all here for the same reason in one way or another – to heal the collective. Whether we awaken to this calling or not, is up to the individual. When you learn and believe that you are one with source energy, you understand you are a part of something much bigger than yourself. YOU are part of the collective, and by healing yourself you heal others! When you benefit from the healing, your healed vibration helps heal the collective source you are one with. 

When one heals, we all heal.

Healing Crystals used by Megan Knowles

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