Intuitive Readings by Megan Knowles

Recharge with Angels

As an empathetic individual, I often FEEL the energies of others, especially when the energy is carrying a strong vibration. The collective energy as of late has been heavy and intense...

Black Heart drop earrings by Megan Knowles

Recalibration with Jewelry

Exploring jewelry as a recalibration tool, my pieces are filled with loving intention and thoughtfully designed to enrich your lives from the inside out! Designed with your authenticity and versatility in mind...

Sage and Shell healing tools

Healing through Covid

Since Covid hit, I’ve been through a myriad of emotions, like most of us, I’m sure. Things like - “I’m a homebody, I’ll be fine” to “I need a hug from someone other than Ryan or I’m going to lose my mind” and everything in between...