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What is an Angel Card Reading?

ACRs are facilitated by grounding and connecting to Universal Energy: calling in the Angels to bring forth messages from the spirit realm.

What can I expect?

Each session begins with a grounding guided meditation, calling on our Archangels for protection and connecting you to your inner knowing. Our goal is to create space for you to be fully present, allowing you to let your guard down and be open to divine guidance.

Is this the same as seeing a Medium or a Psychic?

This is different from mediums and psychics, as we aren't connecting to the energy of a soul that's crossed over. We connect with the Angels and channel messages of love and light only. This is a softer energy and the energy I prefer to work with. Unlike medium and psychic readings, I do not seek to connect directly to souls, nor do I attempt to read your future.

What is the benefit of booking a Package?

Spiritually aligned and intuitively guided, Megan creates a safe space for you to receive clarity and insight by channeling messages of love and light, then leaning on those messages to create jewelry that serves as a one-of-a-kind, tangible recalibration tool, propelling you forward on your healing journey.

Additional reasons to book a reading?

ACRs can serve as a space to explore the thoughts and sounds in your mind, a safe space to quiet the incessant chatter that's often rolling around in your subconscious all day, an opportunity to relax, connect and ground yourself, and a beautiful way to harness the power of the spirit world for your higher and greater good.

What is the ultimate intention of a reading?

The intention behind a reading is to fill you up, offer clarity and have you feeling loved, held and supported.

What can an Angel Card Reading help me with?

In ACRs, we are often searching for clarity on life choices and sometimes it is simply in the pursuit of general clarity and guidance, and other times it is simply to honour where you're at in life and treat yourself to a session that focuses on you and your well being. Serving as a quiet escape to stillness and allowing yourself to spend time in the loving, nurturing energy of the Angels.

I don’t wear jewelry, what are some examples of other intuitively designed recalibration tools?

I have created pendulums, keychains, bookmarks, rear view mirror and window hangings. We can work together to get you the support you need.

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