A Safe Space to Explore your Inner Knowing

Everything is energy. In mind, body and soul, energy exists, it is the very essence of our being. Energy is a renewable resource and readily available to us. Angels are energy too!

We can access this beautiful, loving Angel energy and utilize it to learn more about your soul purpose, receive guidance in your career or other big life decisions, tap into what may be holding you back from moving forward in your journey, inquire about relationships or even gain understanding on how a past experience played out in your life. Connecting the dots from past, present and future, each session is led by the Angels and whatever message needs to come through for you. Each session begins with a grounding guided meditation, calling on our Archangels for protection and connecting you to your inner knowing.

Intuitively Guided Packages

These packages assist you in recalibrating your thought patterns and help propel you forward in your healing journey. Following our session, we discuss the emotions or thoughts that came up for you. From there, I draw on my intuition and allow it to guide me as I create a tangible keepsake that brings you back to that sacred moment in which you discovered these truths.
Every time you see, wear or touch the keepsake you are transported back to our time together and physically reminded that the Angels are always nearby – ready, willing and eager to help.

Package One

(1) 1.5 Hour Intuitive Reading
(1) Intuitively designed piece of jewelry

Package Two

(2) 1.5 Hour Intuitive Readings
(2) Intuitively designed pieces of jewelry

Package Three

(3) 1.5 Hour Intuitive Readings
(3) Intuitively designed pieces of jewelry

Jewelry not your thing?

No problem, reach out to chat about other keepsake options.

Individual Angel Card Readings are also available.

• (1) 1-Hour Intuitive Reading  $125 
• (2) 1-Hour Intuitive Readings  $225
• (3) 1-Hour Intuitive Readings  $300

I had the pleasure of having an angel card reading done by Megan. At first I was a bit nervous because I had no idea what to expect. Megan instantly made me feel comfortable and calm. I had just lost my Dad and my angel card reading lead me to tears. Many tears, but they were happy tears. It was the first time I felt close to my Dad and his wisdom since he died. This was truly a remarkable moment I will never forget and cherish for the rest of my life. I can't WAIT to get another one done!!


Intuitive Angel Card Readings from Megan knowles

How the Process Works

Angel Card Readings are facilitated by grounding and connecting to Universal Angel Energy; calling in the Angels to bring forth messages from the spirit realm. Leaning deep into my intuition and using angel specific decks to facilitate these sessions and explore their meanings and messages. Angel card readings are used to provide heavenly guidance and encouragement, as opposed to predicting the future like Tarot cards. In most cases, the primary goal of an ACR is to receive nurturing guidance from the angelic realm. It’s a softer, more gentle energy than you’d experience with a psychic or a medium, as we connect with our guardian Angels for these messages.

Most commonly, the recipient asks a question they’re seeking guidance and clarity on, a particular aspect of their life such as romance, work or personal issues. It involves connecting with the guardian angels and seeking their encouragement and wisdom from above. Once a topic has been established, cards are pulled and interpreted through imagery and my intuitive senses. And this is where the experience becomes personal. As I connect with the Angels and decipher their messages, I’m utilizing more than the imagery on the cards to communicate. I tap into my gut, my intuition and my heart. Sometimes it’s a feeling, a fleeting thought or even an audible message that is different than a physical voice from this realm. A willing and open recipient is going to receive the most from their session, and an open heart is going to do the most with the messages they received.

We start every session with a grounding meditation and we create space to be open and ready to receive. Channeling messages that are for your higher and greater good, and trusting the Angels know exactly what we need to receive 💕

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