Recharge with Angels

Recharge with Angels

As an empathetic individual, I often FEEL the energies of others, especially when the energy is carrying a strong vibration. The collective energy as of late has been heavy and intense, I’ve had days of feeling totally exhausted and days where I go from “completely fine and unphased” to “what the fuck is even happening” faster than a cheetah chasing a cheeseburger. Those days tend to occur when the collective is dealing with dark energies, carrying on despite their anxieties, fears and depression, and when I haven’t taken enough time to care for myself. I’ve also had days of feeling on top of the world and days where I am determined to keep anything negative out of my own energy field, but there are times when the collective energy can be too much and I seek a retreat, a place to find solitude – a safe space for comfort and relaxation, a place to explore the thoughts and ideas I need to sit with. I find this much easier to do when I stay grounded and connected. And my favourite way to do that is to connect to the Angels and seek their messages. 

The energy of the Angels, paired with the intention to bring me messages of love and light, is such a beautiful energy. Knowing I’m only calling in messages that are for my higher and greater good, gives me a comfort and stability I can’t quite find in this realm. That may sound super woohoo and wonky to you, and if it does that’s ok. I used to feel that way too; until I recognized that the calling within me was to do this very work. Once I listened to that, I was able to find peace and comfort in this practice and it has easily become one of my favourite ways to ground and centre. 

Sitting in this Angel energy and being open to receive has become one of my favourite ways to recharge. Even though I know the Angels are always close and want to help, sometimes the simple intention of spending time here is necessary. It sinks me into this knowing, reminds me on a soul level that there is more to this existence than this plane. 

Spending time here is a deeper reminder of what I already know to be true, an experience that helps calibrate this knowing. We are after all, souls having a human experience. Sometimes our human body and our internal being can be off kilter, we may need a tune up or simply some time in that Angelic energy to remind us that we are much more than our experiences ♥

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